About FH Management

Our Story

Since the founding of the company in 2013, we have taken part in the purchase and management of buildings with a value of over DKK 2 billion. Our primary focus is on optimising operations and on achieving the best possible utilisation of the potential that we have identified. We have a great deal of experience with major renovations, new construction, utilisation of attic and cellar spaces and conversion of commercial properties to residential. We work with specialists in the various fields to ensure the quality of the whole process from planning to completion of the individual projects.



FH Management does asset management. 
We handle everything in the fields of operations, optimisation and development of investment properties and real estate portfolios. Among other things, we work with optimisation of financing, operating costs and project development, renovation and purchase/sales. We do not have an internal property maintenance/management division because we believe that this function is best carried out by an independent external party.


  • Takes care of contacts to the company’s auditor, lawyers, lenders, banks, residential and commercial tenants, property administrators, caretakers, insurance brokers, craftsmen and others
  • Looks after the company’s shareholders and external stakeholders (authorities, neighbours and others)
  • Prepares and holds board meetings and general meetings, including notifications and minutes
  • Ensures that the decisions of the board and general meeting are carried out.
  • Prepares proposals for the company’s financial structure.
  • Optimises the company’s interest income and interest expenses while taking into account the chosen financing structure
  • Prepares operating and cash flow budgets
  • Administers the payment of dividends
  • Manages the rental of vacant housing and commercial property, possibly in consultation with external estate agents
  • Plans construction and maintenance projects, including participation in construction meetings, notification of completion and of the 1- and 5-year inspections.
  • Makes inspections of commercial leases at the time of initial occupancy and departure
  • Manages the necessary correspondence for daily operations
  • Makes sure the company’s receivables are collected.
  • Focuses on optimisation of the underlying property portfolio in order to fulfil the board’s exit strategy.
  • Presents exit possibilities to the board at intervals